Meet Coach Zay

My Vision

I knew that one day I would create an environment where I can truly help real people with real goals and real challenges in life. I want to help the world become healthier and fitter. Whether you're an athlete or just a general fitness enthusiast, you will see that change you have been looking for.

Certified Personal Trainer 
and Strength Coach

Certified Personal Trainer since 2015.  I played various sports throughout my life and even 2 years of lacrosse at the D3 level. I committed myself to learning everything I can about how to best challenge the human body to get the best results. Along the way, I made some great connections with some great people. There is nothing like putting your head down and getting to work.


Exercise Science B.S.

CPR/AED Adult and Pediatric

NCSF Certified Personal Trainer

NCSF Certified Strength Coach

NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist

Beachbody Coach

Member of The Business Council of Greater

Montgomery since 2021

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